Welcome to the Privacy Revolution.

Coming Soon: a new way to privately share documents and photos over email

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Guard your photos and documents.

With CONTENTGUARD* simply download the app, pick a photo or document to GUARD, set your security and email your GUARDed file to a friend or colleague.

No complex registration and sign up.

Our mantra is that security should be simple. Which means you shouldn’t have to endure lengthy sign ups and be forced to remember complex passwords just to share something.

We're pioneers in digital content protection.

Your ideas are worth protecting! Mobile users meet CONTENTGUARD. We are a company born out of Xerox research. Our innovations have protected Hollywood movies, music and corporate documents from unwanted copying and distribution. So why not trust CONTENTGUARD with the stuff you create on your phone and tablet?

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How It Works.

step 1

Pick a photo or doc.

step 2

Set a time limit.

step 3


step 4

Share it.